Prize Money

ENCORE is bringing you the best of the best...

Top Teacher Money

Pot of Gold

20-100 entries = $6 per entry

101-150 entries = $10 per entry

151-199 entries = $12 per entry

200+ entries = $15 per entry

Teacher must be on a full day package to qualify for Pot of Gold.
Entries that are less than $40/dance (Scholarships, Junior/Youth and some Am/Am entries) are excluded from Pot of Gold and Top Teacher Prize.
Entries that were credited in any way are not eligible for Pot Of Gold.
EACH DANCE of Champion's Challenges, counts towards the Pot of Gold!

Top Teacher Prize Money

1st - $1,200   2nd - $600   3rd - $300   4th - $200   5th - $100

Top teacher prize money is paid in addition to the lucrative Pot of Gold.
First place teacher has the potential to walk away with more than $5,000 for one day's work!!!

Top Student Awards

Newcomer, Bronze, Silver & Gold in Male and Female Categories

Amateur Couple; Junior Couple; Junior Pro/Am Solo: in Bronze, Silver and Gold

Top Studio Awards

Most Organized;   Small;   Medium;   Large;   Local

Scholarships Prize Money

Adult 1st - $300   2nd - $200   3rd - $100

Junior 1st - $100   2nd-$50   3rd- $35