Organizer - SID POCIUS

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Organizer Sid Pocius

Sid Pocius is an accomplished world class dancer and the founder/producer of Sarasota Challenge Dancesport Competition. At age six he started his dance training at Zuvedra, one of the top Dancesport Academies in Europe. He began competing not only in his native country of Lithuania, but also all over Europe, including the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, and France. Having the opportunity to work with the best coaches in the world, Sid won numerous dance championships around the world. He holds several Lithuanian and European titles: Lithuanian Championship (1st place), Former Soviet Union Championship in Russia (2nd place), French Open (3rd place), European Formation Championship in France (3rd place), and World Formation Championship in Lithuania (2nd place).

Following a successful competitive dance career, Sid started teaching at the age of thirteen, and five years later in 1995 he opened his first dance studio in Klaipeda, Lithuania. He quickly gathered large followers of competitive students and dancers, and his studio thrived for the next five years as one of the most successful studios in Lithuania.

In 2001 Sid brought his passion and experience as an elite competitor and teacher to the US. He adopted the American Style dancing and started competing in those styles. He became the finalists in major dance competitions around the US since 2005, including Millennium, Manhattan and US National Dancesport Championships. Sid quickly established himself as a sought-after coach and choreographer. He is a World Class Adjudicator certified in all five dance styles (International Standard, International Latin, American Smooth, American Rhythm, and Theater Arts) and he judges many competitions in the US and abroad, including Millennium, Superstars, Miami Open, Costa Rican Classic and etc.

Sid earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Klaipeda University. Alongside his dancing career, he gained a successful pursuit in the corporate world as well. He managed multifaceted aspects of international market development, marketing strategy, campaigns and collateral development for Klaipedos Nafta, a Lithuanian - USA joint venture oil terminal. He also managed and produced various international exhibitions for JSC "Expo Vakarai", a trade fair and expo production company.

Sid established Empire Ballroom Dance Studio in 2010 in Sarasota, Florida, with a goal to spread the arts of dancesport to a wider adoption throughout the US. He designed and implemented the highest standard of curriculum at his studio, extracted from the rigorous practice of competitive dancing and taught by himself and a staff of well-qualified teachers. In 2008 he founded and produced the Annual Sarasota Challenge Dancesport Competition and since then it has grown to an exciting, well-respected, and highly anticipated event of the year.